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  1. Es war an einem Abend nach dem Fußball-Training. Rawas Koshnau setzt sich hinter das Lenkrad eines Corsa-e. Probefahrt im Stromer seines Mannschaftskameraden, beide spielen im Verein „Vorwärts Orient Mainz“. „Ich bin nur vorsichtig aufs Gas und das Auto beschleunigte, als ob da eine 190 PS-Maschine unter der Motorhaube schnurren würde“, erinnert er sich noch gut. […]

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  2. A day with Moses Pelham. The rap legend. The music producer. The popular, likeable Opel fan. He shows us his Frankfurt, stations of his life. And we show him the electric Mokka-e – the quiet, stylish, powerful Opel that has just won the “Golden Steering Wheel 2021”.

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  3. Go For it! Our BlitzKids mandala is all about the Opel Blitz. You can design the new Corsa to your own taste with our circular painting template. Have fun coloring Do You would you rather have a Corsa-e with zebra stripes and green rims? With the BlitzKids painting templates you can take over the finish […]

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  4. A heart powered by electricity beats
    under the bodywork of this Monza.

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  5. On social media, Opel shows how the Astra has matured into the brand's design statement. The campaign is also an homage to the team.

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  7. Die liefert Eckhart Bartels in seinem „Opel-Jahrbuch 2022“. Es weckt Erinnerungen, zeigt unbekannte Schätze. Ein Muss für jeden Opel-Fan.

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  8. For the first time, Opel is training plant
    firefighters – and Larissa Wissmann-Gräßer is the
    first woman to step into the once male domain.

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  9. A coffee tour done right: In the Opel Mokka, we drive to two professional coffee bean roasters in Leipzig – and learn about the secrets of mocha coffee.

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  10. We crave driving fun. And the uncompromising sports car of our choice calls for lots of bends. On the road with the Opel Speedster in Rhine-Hessen.

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