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Datum: 13 juni 2015 09:00

Locatie: Lago di Garda

Dear Friends of Historical Opel,
it is with great pleasure that we officially announce that on Saturday June 13st, 2015 we are bringing together our beautiful Historic Opel in Garda -VR- (37016). Garda is a beautiful town that is mirrored on Garda Lake, this will be a wonderful background for all our 8° Opel Meeting .
As stated in our leaflet here attached participation is allowed to all Opel rear-wheel drives built before 1985 , exception is given only to Manta, Rekord, Monza and Senator A cars, which can all take part to the great event.
To those who request will be sent the participation form that must be filled in the blank spaces indicated, then returned back to us.
Advance booking (i.e. by April 30th at the latest ) is recommended so that everything can be arranged for the best.


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  • 13 juni 2015 09:00

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